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Did you know that every 3 months Airbnb assesses Hosts to determine which are Superhosts? At Citysleepz we strive for this standard for all of our listings and thought that we’d celebrate one of our newly awarded Superhosts in April 2017 by featuring them here.

Why not have a peek inside our featured Superhost listing and take a look at what it takes to become a Superhost and the associated benefits.


Beautiful 4 bedroom house in Rozelle

This stunning, spacious, modern and light filled 4-bedroom house is in the inner west suburb of Rozelle, a vibrant neighbourhood with superb eateries, pubs, and shops. Rozelle is extremely popular for families and professionals with its lifestyle offerings and proximity to the CBD.

Close to the neighbouring suburbs such as of Balmain, Glebe, and Darling Harbour, our home is in the perfect location to enjoy everything that Sydney has to offer.

Visit the Airbnb listing for more details and availability.

Your home here?

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Our Homes

Our homes range from a 1-bedroom apartment in Newtown to a 4 bedroom home in Vaucluse and here is a small sample of our homes.

What homes will we manage?


We’re regularly asked what properties we will manage and in general we judge it on the following:

Do we believe that our potential customer will have a great experience?

If we do, then we’re usually very happy to start managing their home for them. If we don’t then we’ll say so as we don’t believe in taking on a new customer when we don’t believe that they will have a great experience.


What do we mean by a great experience?

If a property is likely to rent, provide a great return, and guests are likely to love staying in the property, then we believe that in partnership with Citysleepz our customers will have a great experience and therefore these are the ideal properties and customers.

If you’d like to understand if we might be right for each other, or would like a free valuation of your home then please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.