Citysleepz is a full service licensed and local Short-Term & Executive Rental Property Management company working with all major sites including Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and tripadvisor to maximise your income. Our full suite of services make listing and managing your property completely hassle-free and ensures an incredible experience for you and your guests.  We are a boutique company that provides personalised service where you'll deal direct with the owners.

We’re passionate about a number of things but when it comes to the services that we provide it comes down to the following:

  1. Host and Guest experience. To provide an incredible experience for all the people that we interact with.
  2. Relationships. By always delivering against our commitments and operating in a way that’s honest and transparent in all of our interactions we look to build long-term and positive relationships. And ultimately,
  3. Maximising the benefits of short-term letting for our customers. We aim to consistently deliver against the objectives that are important to you, usually a combination of the following:

Our services currently cover Sydney and Brisbane with other areas coming soon, so if you require our services in a different area please get in touch.

You can find out more about the areas that we cover in our General Questions FAQs and the presence and growth of Airbnb in Sydney in our blog “How popular is Airbnb in Sydney and what’s the economic impact?




With a background in Business Management, Innovation, Marketing and Operations, Cath has always had a strong focus on customer experience.  

Cath is passionate about travel and property and she has travelled to nearly 40 countries, even having a stint living in Sweden for a few years. The Airbnb experience has certainly become part of her travel experience with her husband and 2 children over recent years. Being a keen property investor, she understands the advantages of short term lettings for investors.

After running the New York Marathon in 2016, she decided she needed to take on a new challenge. Her desire to mix her passion for travel and her extensive business experience led her to Citysleepz.

Her vision for Citysleepz is to deliver an exceptional experience for both customers and guests in the simplest possible way.


Gladys is dynamic professional with a background in Property & Events Management. With an extensive international career and having lived as an ex-pat in The Netherlands and Singapore, Gladys understands the
importance of enjoying the home comforts at the end of a busy day while travelling.

As Co-Owner of Citysleepz, Gladys is an advocate for community life, and entering the global community of Airbnb property management was a natural progression for her, as she is the Principal in her own Property Agency.

Gladys believes that travelling should be an integral part of education and with a Masters Degree in Professional Communication, Gladys believes the demand for Airbnb travel will continue to grow and create a new wave of global citizens contributing to higher rental returns to our local investors.

Gladys is excited about this new adventure and is committed to ensuring Citysleepz is here to making life simpler.