If you’ve read our March blog How much money can your property make you? you will already know that the Airbnb rental income in Sydney significantly outperformed the income achieved through ‘traditional’ long-term lettings between February 2015 and January 2016 - ranging from 52% for 2-bedroom properties up to a staggering 96% more for 3-bedroom properties!

As we start to enter Sydney’s Airbnb high season we thought we’d carry out this comparison again focusing on the months of October to March to see how the figures might change.

As illustrated in the graph below, our research shows that the increased rental income achieved using Airbnb has gone from a range of 52% to 96% over the 12-month period to 93% to 155% from October to March!


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While this information is historical data driven, we need to point out that the market will always determine the nighty rate and occupancy levels and therefore income achieved. Please refer to our previous blog for more information on how this information was calculated and how this income and profit might accumulate over time. Data is for postcode 2026 covering Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte.