Anyone closely watching the legality of Airbnb, and the rest of the short-term letting industry, will know that in April the NSW Government made an announcement in response to the recommendations submitted to them in relation to regulating the short-term letting industry.

While the announcement doesn’t detail the government’s final position it does support (some qualified support) all of the twelve recommendations made in the report and will be releasing a consultation paper to discuss future regulatory approaches in the industry.

You can find the NSW Government’s announcement here and further details on how some of these recommendations may affect you by referring to our previous blog ‘Airbnb to be given green light in NSW. What this means for you…..

At Citysleepz we’re happy and encouraged to hear this announcement and believe that it provides some much needed clarification for homeowners and property investors to enable them to continue letting their properties on platforms such as Airbnb.

It is also one step closer to providing a transparent and much needed consistent policy and approach to the short-term letting industry in NSW.

Anyone familiar with this industry will be aware of the sometimes tension between owners, strata managers and neighbors and any steps taken to help create greater harmony is a good thing. While some media reports of ‘nightmare Airbnb guests’ can be wildly exaggerated, especially in the frequency of occurrence, it’s important that any type of risk is minimised and we welcome this pragmatic approach to regulating and improving the industry for all involved.

At Citysleepz we already have a number of steps in place to ensure that any risks are minimised – such as strict guest screening, no party policies, maximum number of occupants - and further details can be found in our Peace of Mind page.

We don't see this announcement resulting in a huge influx of further owners or investors using Airbnb but it will give those already using it more confidence that this activity is supported by the NSW Government.

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