The sharing economy is rampant at the moment and especially in Sydney with Uber having been officially approved for use in NSW in December and Sydney being Airbnb’s top 10 global city in 2015!

Love it or hate it (yes, we love it) the shared economy is here to stay so why not join in and enjoy the ride!

If you’re still unsure here are 5 reasons that might just change your mind and if you’re already a host then you already know about these great benefits (and more).

  1. Go on holiday and let your home pay for you. Many people go on holiday and the income from their Airbnb listing actually pays for their holiday. If you can find someone else to look after the process for you then you can really switch off on holiday too (*hint hint*). Where will you go with your extra cash?

  2. You’ll become part of the sharing community. It’s a close knit community and everyone’s talking about it. Becoming part of the Airbnb community isn’t just about making a bit of extra money, it’s also about being a part of this exciting community. You’ll get to be part of the official Airbnb Community and Meet-up Groups where you’ll get to chat and meet-up with like-minded people.

  3. Let someone pay you to house sit. Going on holiday can actually be a stressful task. Who will look after The Mother in Laws Tongue (that really is a plant)? Who will look after Gordon the Goldfish? These type of things actually cost you time and money, all of which could be better spent on that cocktail on the beach. Instead of worrying about these things let someone pay you to house sit. Host on Airbnb and let the guest (and Citysleepz) look after your home and get paid for the privilege. Nice.

  4. Someone gets to experience your home and the amazing city that you live in. Hotels are boring and more people are opting for Airbnb instead. Why not let someone else see what it’s like to live in your home and enjoy your beautiful city. You’ll get that nice “I’ve done something nice for someone else” feeling and get paid for it. Maybe even hide an Easter egg or 2 in your home for a nice little surprise.

  5. Get that annual spring clean. Ok, so we’re not heading into spring but I bet that your home could do with a spring clean? Well, host on Airbnb and before you know it you’ll be brushing away those cobwebs and polishing those floors in no time. If you don’t fancy getting the marigold gloves on there are a few Airbnb Management services that can help with that, and a lot more!

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